Through investment, we support the growth of startups and emerging companies that bring solutions to social issues.

We, Daiwa Corporate Investment, have invested in more than 2,300 startups in and outside of Japan in our 40+ years history. This journey began in 1982 when former Nippon Investment Finance was founded.

Since the industrial revolution, our lives have dramatically improved. Yet, we are now at a time where we can no longer look away from the countless social issues around the globe that the shift has also created.

The climate is changing, and we are witnessing an increasing number of natural disasters. Environmental pollution, poverty, food and water crises are evident. We face rapid aging and a decrease in population here in Japan. To take on the complex challenge to bring solutions to these problems, we need innovative ideas and technologies. We believe that this is where we can contribute.

As the venture capital firm of the Daiwa Securities Group, we have expertise in financial and capital policies as well as extensive experience with capital markets. We have group resources that we can utilize, and these include all of the branches and the network with enterprises, financial institutions, and investors.

We connect startup (private equity) investment with the capital (stock) markets, startups with corporations, metropolises and local communities as part of our contribution to society.

We are determined to take steps forward with startups and our partners to realize a truly prosperous coming century.

President and CEO Kiyohisa Hirano