ESG is a crucial framework for sustainable business management today, and this is not an exception for startups.

We believe that if our investee companies incorporated the ESG factors in their business management, the effort will improve their reputation in society and increase their enterprise value in the long run. Since we may also expect an increase in investment returns as a result of such action, we have formulated a policy to support our investee companies from an ESG perspective.

As a member of the Daiwa Securities Group, our emphasis is on ESG. We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with the startups we invest in.


Comply with the environmental laws. Take actions to fight against climate change, to reduce environmental impact (e.g. measures against air and water pollution, waste management, etc.), and to conserve biodiversity.


Build positive and constructive relationships with business partners and local communities by paying due consideration not only to the relationships with employees but also to the human rights of all parties concerned.


Maintain a good balance between supervision and execution, implement transparent decision-making, comply with laws and regulations, and prevent corruption.

This policy will be used in the screening of investment opportunities and due diligence as well as post-investment monitoring and support of the investee companies in our investment consideration process. Effective advice and support will be provided according to the stage of the investee company.

Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.