Our mission is to support the growth of startups and emerging companies shaping a prosperous future, through investment from funds collected from our valued investors.

Daiwa Corporate Investment began its journey in 1982 when former Nippon Investment Finance was founded. Since then, we have created 91 funds, invested in over 2,300 startups in and outside of Japan, and supported over 660 companies achieving IPOs in our 40+ year history.

The Japanese economy has long experienced deflation since the bubble burst, but with a rise in wages and commodity prices, we are finally seeing the signs of an end to that phase. As the Nikkei stock average reaches record highs, expectations for the growth of the Japanese economy and companies are once again expanding. While the supply of growth capital to startups accelerates and the range of investment vehicles diversifies to encompass alternative and sustainable investment options, the Japanese government's announcement of the “Startup Development Five-year Plan” and “Policy Plan for Promoting Japan as a Leading Asset Management Center” adds to the understanding of the evolving picture. With these developments, expectations toward venture capital firms, including ours, are inevitably on the rise as well.

From a global standpoint, we are facing numerous unsolved problems: natural disasters caused by climate change, environmental pollution, poverty, and the ongoing damages resulting from military conflicts. Our aim is to assist entrepreneurs who are committed to tackling these challenging social issues through our fund business, engaging in innovation and social initiatives ourselves.

Being part of the Daiwa Securities Group, our venture capital firm stands out for our deep insights into the capital market and our comprehensive support extending seamlessly from before to after the IPO. We can also advise on M&As, provide venture debt financing depending on the needs of our portfolio companies, and leverage all of the Daiwa Securities Group's assets, which include the network of domestic and international enterprises, financial institutes, and investors as well as the branch offices.

As a responsible participant in alternative investment, we utilize the funds gathered from our valued investors to invest in both domestic and international startups, creating the circulation of risk capital. We also facilitate connections between startups and capital markets, larger enterprises, and local communities. This endeavor aims to contribute to the realization and sustainable development of a dynamic economic community, ultimately leading to a prosperous future.

President and CEO Isao Niwa