Venture capital firm of the Daiwa Securities Group

The Daiwa Securities Group is a securities corporation in business for more than 120 years.

We have group resources that we can utilize, and these include all of the branches and the network with enterprises, financial institutions, and investors. In collaboration with corporations and investors, we support the growth of our investee companies and advise on IPO and M&A.

As a trusted partner for all of our stakeholders, we strive for exceptional corporate governance and manage our funds under the principles.


40+ years of history since NIF

Our journey began when Nippon Investment Finance (NIF) was founded in 1982 and formed their first fund, NIF1, in 1983. We have been in business from the earliest days of startup investment in Japan, even before laws and systems were adapted to the new norms of business and investment.

We have invested in numerous startups and emerging companies that owned unique technologies and business models and accelerated their growth through hands-on support. We will continue to develop our business as one of the most experienced, impactful venture capital firms in Japan.


Investment through funds

As a reliable manager and administrator, we have formed and managed over 90 investment funds so far to meet the demands of both startups and institutional investors.

Many members of our team come from a finance background and have expertise in financial and capital policies. In recent years, our focus is also shifting to startups and companies that help the world achieve a sustainable future.


Overseas investments

NIF was the first firm in Japan to form an investment fund and invest in private equity in Asia.

We continue to maintain this culture and are currently active in Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. Working with partners that have networks and expertise in these regions, we are forming funds to promote investment in local companies that are deemed to have high growth potentials.


DCI Partners, a subsidiary investing in biotech

We have established a subsidiary to proactively invest in unlisted biotech startups, mainly in the drug discovery and regenerative medicine fields in Japan and Taiwan.

Funding for startups in these fields in their business development stage is not yet enough, and we believe our activities can create impact. The raised amount of our fund is one of the largest in Japan.

DCI Partners is not only investing in already-existing companies but is also creating fund-led startups. This is a project to increase the chance of new and valuable medicines getting commercialized.